About me

I'm Bert Harms

My two main hobbies are Radio Controlled Airplanes and HamRadio

I got my hamradio license in 1977 with the call PE1BQW after my CW exam in 1978

my call was changed to PA3AOD

My first 20 years as hamradio operator active on 2Meter, 70cm, 23cm and 13cm.

Most active in Amateur television,

In AM on 70 cm with the DC6MR and DJ4LB transmitter design

in FM on the micro wave bands

When there is some spare time i play also with micro controllers:

the Siemens 80535 programming in assembly language

Arduino only in a "C" like language

and the last couple of years more and more with the Raspberry Pi in python.

The raspberry pi is used for different project:

Robotic lawn mower.

Antenne steering / switching for my Hamradio station.

Security / Alarm system


If you have a question

Mail me.